Song List

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Song NameLengthArtistAlbum
Hot Love4:54T RexThe Rock Collection Legendary Rock
Get It On4:26T-RexTriple M's Best Ever Driving Songs Disc 2
You sexy thing3:57T-ShirtVideo Hits One Hit Wonders Disc 3
Get It On4:27T. RexRock Stars
Jeepster4:12T. RexClassic Rock
Metal Guru2:26T.RexDad's BBQ Tracks
Ride a White Swan2:15T.RexRock Hits Disc 2
Baby Got Back4:31THROWDOWN
Dallas 881:16TV
Futurama0:28TVThemes Collection
Mission Impossible 1960s 60's0:56TV & Movie Themes
Theme From Spider Man1:01TV Cartoon ThemeMusic From And Inspired By Spider-Man
Pinky And The Brain0:58TV Cartoon Themes
Flaunt It3:26TV RockFlaunt It - Single
1:07TV Theme Songs
The A-Team1:37TV Theme Songs
Jeffersons - Moving On Up1:10TV Themes
Monkees - Hey Hey We're The Monkeys2:21TV Themes
Nintendo - Super Mario Bros Original Theme3:38TV Themes
Twilight Zone1:00TV Themes
Police Academy3:55TV Themes & Movie
Mr. Roger1:32TV Themes Songs
Pink Panther2:34TV Themes Songs
The Muppets Show1:11TV Themes Songs
Log Commercial0:33TV Themes songs Nickelodeon Ren & StimpyTV Theme Songs
Woody Woodpecker Show0:48TV Themes(Cartoon)
Peanuts theme song2:20TV or Movie Themes
1:00TV themes
John The Revelator3:53Taj Mahal, Sam Moore, Joe Morton, Sharon Riley And The Faith ChoraleBlues Brothers 2000
Back For Good3:59Take ThatThe Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties Disc 7
Cute Without the E4:25Taking Back SundayPunk Goes Acoustic
She's so high3:41Tal BachmanVideo Hits One Hit Wonders Disc 3
It's My Life3:53Talk TalkComplete Eighties Disc 3
And She Was3:39Talking HeadsLittle Creatures
Burning Down The House4:04Talking HeadsClassic MTV - Class of 1983 .
Once In A Lifetime4:19Talking HeadsRemain In Light (Remastered)
Psycho Killer4:19Talking Heads
Road To Nowhere4:20Talking HeadsRemain In Light (Remastered)
Road To Nowhere4:20Talking Heads
Road To Nowhere4:19Talking HeadsTriple M's best ever driving songs
Take Me To The River5:02Talking HeadsOnce In A Lifetime (IMPORT)
Wild Wild Life3:41Talking HeadsOnce In A Lifetime (IMPORT)
Oh Daddy5:10TallulahLegacy :A Tribute to Fleetwood
Banana Man4:08Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Good Day3:24Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Greener3:42Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Haiku2:57Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Taken For A Ride4:39Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Two Wuv3:40Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
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